bio & fun-sized facts

🍊 I live in Hudson, north of NYC. Currently I'm writing sketches for Live From Here With Chris Thile on NPR, art-directing a game for Jackbox Games in Chicago, and submitting things here and there.


🌮 I studied writing & animation at Hampshire College in Western Massachusetts. I loved it. Except for one film class where I was too overcommitted to do the homework and during our final critique, the professor said "I think our time would be better spent ignoring what you brought in and focusing on students who took the class seriously." Fair enough.

🥞 My family had a series of parakeets named Pretty Bird. When each one escaped or was undone by the cat, we would buy a new Pretty Bird and continue as if nothing had happened.


🍕 I studied improv in Chicago at IO, The Annoyance and The Second City, then was hired by the Boom Chicago theater in Amsterdam. I watched soccer fans get so excited that they poured onto the streets and destroyed public property.

🥧 After this I worked for The Second City, traveling with their national touring company and writing several full-length shows.

🥗 My husband John plans airline networks. You know the magazine ads where curved lines criss-cross the globe? He designs those. He also sketches them when he's bored, so I find them on paper towels all around the house.

🍣  I'm always happy to hear about new projects! If you think I'd be a match for yours, let me know.

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